How to use my camera – 1 day 1 on 1 with Ben



 Do you find yourself Googling “How to use my camera?”


Or maybe you’ve been in the photography industry for a few years and just not getting the results you want or the images you see in you mind.
This is where I can help with my very personal 1 Day 1 On 1 training program. 
In just one day we will cover many of the teachings I’ve been taught from 3 of the worlds top photographers over the last 10 years.
This is a BIG day and not for the faint hearted and the day can be specifically tailored to your skill or business level.


How to use my camera


  1 Day 1 On 1 overview 

Our day begins at 8am with some time to get to know each other. We’ll start with some basic camera settings and tips and then move into some image critiques to assist you in working out some
potential weaknesses in your images and I will provide helpful critiques on the subtleties of lighting, posing, cropping, etc with on the spot demonstrations to accompany these theories. 

We’ll discuss the items of equipment you should have as a professional wedding photographer on a wedding day or portrait shoot and some creative ways to use that equipment.
If you’re operating a business we will discuss your marketing materials and business direction and I will provide tips and suggestions to better your marketing strategy and better engage
with your target audience. 

We will discuss pricing, what to offer and what to charge for your services. 

I will share with you in detail my 6 steps to an amazing photograph and the 4 steps to perfect camera technique.

I will show you will how to bring out the best in your subjects and how to achieve a glamorous but natural look at the same time. I will also discuss creating drama using shadows,
reflections and the clever use of lighting. I will explain how to maximise use of available and artificial light including video light as well as the proper use of on camera and off camera flash.

I will then give you a detailed explanation of workflow and maximising your time to get the best, most profitable result. I will share with you the many elements to a beautiful and profitable
wedding album design and give you the right approach to conducting an album plan session to maximize sales after the wedding or portrait session. 

For those who are running a business we will then go into the final part of the day, successful operation of your business and the mindset of a successful business person in photography.
Covering everything from correctly answering the phone, tips for handling in-person consultations, perfecting the art of communication and building your business through referrals.
We will discuss post production, sales and outsourcing to ensure you keep that work life balance concluding our day at around 5:30pm.

My 1 on 1 days are generally conducted from Tuesdays – Fridays and some weekends (depending on my availability). 

Courses will be starting from 1st February 2017 and running till 1st September 2017.  For bookings

Phone 0417699905  


Email ben@benconnolly.com.au



Ben Connolly Education


how to use my camera



Where is the 1 Day 1 On 1 held?
Your intensive 1 on 1 can be held anywhere on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland (Travel charges apply outside this area)

How much does a 1 Day 1 On 1 cost?
To spend a day with me and learn the skills taught by the worlds best is just AUD $697 inc gst

Although the day is a 1 on 1 can we do it as a group?

Yes I can host the day with a group however to keep the day as personal as possible for each attendee the maximum number of people on any one day is 5

Do you offer a discount for a group?
Yes, groups of 4 or more attendees will get a discounted rate of AUD $550 inc gst


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